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FUN Training March 2024: Introduction to Parallel Programming in Fortran

March 26, 2024


NERSC is offering virtual hands-on introduction to parallel programming in Fortran on March 26-27, 2024. This event is organized by the Fortran Users of NERSC (FUN) Special Interest Group. 

Fortran is adopted in many large scientific applications running on high-performance computers. This training will provide different methods for taking advantage of multi-node and multi-core hardware for performing calculations in parallel using the Fortran programming language, and some common libraries and extensions. We'll look at examples and work through exercises on Perlmutter.

ALCF and OLCF users are welcome to this training. NERSC training accounts will be provided if needed.

Date and Time: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm (Pacific time), March 26-27 (Tue-Wed), 2024

A recording of the event can be found on YouTube.


  • Day 1, Part 1
    • Introduction to parallel programming concepts and models
    • Performance Profiling with CrayPat
  • Day 1, Part 2
    • Parallel programming patterns with do concurrent
    • Parallel programming patterns with OpenMP
    • Applying do concurrent or OpenMP to a “real-world” example
  • Day 2, Part 1
    • Parallel programming patterns with MPI
    • Parallel programming patterns with Coarrays
  • Day 2, Part 2
    • Applying MPI or Coarrays to a “real-world” example
    • Conclusions, future work, and answering questions

Presentation Materials

Q&A Document

Day 1 Slides

Day 2 Slides

Examples and Exercises

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