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A Tale of Two Apps: Preparing XGC and HACC to run on Aurora, May 24, 2023

May 24, 2023


This webinar presented by Aaron Scheinberg & Esteban Rangel (ALCF) is part of the ALCF Developer Sessions, and is also open to NERSC users. 

Date and Time: 9:00 - 10:00 am (Pacific time), May 24 (Wednesday) 


This webinar will cover the Aurora porting strategies for two applications: the XGC gyrokinetic plasma physics code and the HACC cosmology code. Argonne's Aaron Scheinberg & Esteban Rangel will discuss lessons learned and tools that were crucial in porting these applications to Argonne’s exascale machine.

  • For the XGC portion of the talk, Scheinberg will discuss the lessons learned from running on diverse new machines (Polaris, Sunspot, and recently Frontier), the unique challenges of Aurora, and how these inform our plans as Aurora becomes available.
  • For the HACC portion, Rangel will cover the tools and development strategies used to port HACC from CUDA to SYCL, the challenges of supporting multiple codebases (CUDA/HIP/SYCL) in HACC, and the optimizations made to improve performance for the Intel Xe GPUs.

Please find more information about the speaker and register on the event page of the ALCF Developer Sessions

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