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OLCF AI Training Series: SmartSim at OLCF, July 13, 2023

July 13, 2023


This session is part of the OLCF’s AI Training Series, and is open to NERSC users. 


While HPC support for AI has grown quickly over the past few years, AI support for HPC has not. Integrating Machine Learning into HPC simulations represents a challenging engineering task. SmartSim was created to ease this burden on scientists.

SmartSim is a workflow library that makes it easier to use common Machine Learning (ML) libraries, like PyTorch and TensorFlow, in High Performance Computing (HPC) simulations and applications. This allows the launching of ML infrastructure on HPC systems alongside user workloads. SmartSim also allows ML to be written in Python, while still interfacing with Fortran, C, and C++ applications at HPC scale.

In this training, an overview of SmartSim and best practices will be provided, along with specific examples of how to use it on OLCF systems. This training is intended for current OLCF users attached to Moderate Security Enclave projects (able to access systems like Summit, Frontier). Non-OLCF users are welcome to sign-up, attend the virtual presentations, and encouraged to download the public tutorials for themselves.

Date and Time:  10 am - 12 pm Pacific, Thursday, July 13, 2023

The format of this event will be online only.  


Registration is required for remote participation.  Please find more information and register at the OLCF event page.