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ORNL’s David Dean Elected to Lead NERSC Users Group

April 1, 2005

NERSC Division Director Horst Simon announced this month that  David Dean, a nuclear physics scientist from Oak Ridge National Lab, has been elected chair of the NERSC Users Group. Stephane Ethier, a fusion energy scientist from the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, has been elected vice chair.

“Both are long term users of NERSC with an excellent understanding of the issues facing NERSC users,” Simon wrote in his announcement. “I am looking forward to work with them for the benefit of all NERSC users in the future.”

Simon also acknowledged the long service and consistent support of the outgoing chair and vice-chair, Rob Ryne of LBNL and Doug Rotman of LLNL, adding “I want to thank Rob and Doug for always being available to help and support NERSC and being excellent representatives of the user community.”

In his message to NERSC users, Dean wrote “I am honored to work over the next three years as the new chair of the NERSC Users Group. Stephane Ethier, the newly elected vice-chair, and I will work to ensure the continued excellence of NERSC computing for the various scientific and computational endeavors of the Office of Science. During the next years, NERSC will likely see an upgraded computational capability. Our main challenges in the coming years will be to work with NERSC staff to ensure a smooth transition to the next major platform at NERSC, to ensure that NERSC continues its key role in providing an excellent national resource for scientific computing, and to ensure that the users community is well represented by the executive committee. We are looking forward to the task. We also want to thank the outgoing chair, Rob Ryne, and vice-chair, Doug Rotman for their efforts during the last three years.”

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