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NERSC Helps Scientists Build Public Health Datasets from Location Services

Research focuses on human interaction patterns to understand drivers of the COVID-19 spread and mitigation » Read More

‘Intro to HPC’ Bootcamp Focuses on Energy Justice

DOE'S broad-based program emphasizes social issues to attract a diverse pool of students to computing sciences » Read More

NERSC Accepting NESAP for Workflows Applications

NERSC is accepting applications through October 2. Read story for more details. » Read More

New Math Methods and Perlmutter HPC Combine to Deliver Record-Breaking ML Algorithm

Using the Perlmutter system at NERSC, researchers have developed and demonstrated a new method for analyzing extremely large datasets. » Read More

Shining a Light on Electron's Role in Energy Transfer Among 2D Materials

The surprising results of a study facilitated by NERSC's supercomputing prowess could pave the way for a new generation of transistors. » Read More

Berkeley Lab is Leading the Charge to Superfacility

The aim is no less than an integrated and automated system for gathering, transporting, and analyzing scientific data in real time. » Read More

WarpX Goes Exascale

The ECP-funded WarpX Project has spent the last six years creating a novel, highly parallel, and highly optimized single-source simulation code for modeling plasma-based particle colliders on cutting-edge exascale supercomputers. » Read More

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Computing at NERSC

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A sample of scientific computing now happening at NERSC

Project System Nodes Core Hours Used
Carbon management and energy efficiency
 Basic Energy Sciences
 PI: Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
perlmutter 2
Dark Energy Survey
 High Energy Physics
 PI: Salman Habib, Argonne National Laboratory
perlmutter 2
Cosmic microwave background data analysis for post-planck experiments
 High Energy Physics
 PI: Julian D. Borrill, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
perlmutter 1
Majorana - Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
 Nuclear Physics
 PI: Yuen-Dat Chan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
perlmutter 1
Joint Genome Institute - Production Sequencing and Genomics
 Biological & Environmental Research
 PI: Kjiersten Fagnan, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - NERSC
perlmutter 1
NERSC Staff Accounts
 Advanced Scientific Computing Research
 PI: Sudip S. Dosanjh, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - NERSC
perlmutter 1

Designing Super Quantum Computers

NERSC supercomputers are being used to help design super quantum computers of the future.