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Jack Deslippe

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Jack Deslippe , Ph.D.
Acting Group Leader
1 Cyclotron Road
Mail Stop 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720 US

Biographical Sketch

Jack Deslippe specializes in the support of material science applications and users at NERSC. He is engaged in evaluating and improving the suitability of these applications for potential N8 architectures. He additionally works on bringing dynamic web-content to users through MyNERSC, the MOTD system, Completed Jobs Pages, ALS Science Gateway Projects and the NERSC mobile site,

Jack is a PI on a SCIDAC project ( and is one of the lead developers of the BerkeleyGW package for computing the excited state properties of materials.

Jack is the NERSC PI on the Berkeley Lab Directed Research project that is delivering real-time data analysis to ALS scientists through ESNET and NERSC resources. He is the developer the ALS analysis and simulation web-portal at NERSC.

He received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in physics in 2011. His research centered on materials physics and nano-science: scaling many-body Green's function computational methods for the study of the optical properties of materials with large and complex structures.

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Jack Deslippe, Abdelilah Essiari, Simon J. Patton, Taghrid Samak, Craig E. Tull, Alexander Hexemer, Dinesh Kumar, Dilworth Parkinson, Polite Stewart., "Workflow management for real-time analysis of lightsource experiments", Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (SC14), November 16, 2014, 31-40,

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Book Chapters

Sudip Dosanjh, Shane Canon, Jack Deslippe, Kjiersten Fagnan, Richard Gerber, Lisa Gerhardt, Jason Hick, Douglas Jacobsen, David Skinner, Nicholas J. Wright, "Extreme Data Science at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Center", Proceedings of International Conference on Parallel Programming – ParCo 2013, ( March 26, 2014)

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