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Research and Development

As well as providing production computing services NERSC also participates in research and development activities in order to ensure the high performance computing systems of the future continue to meet the needs of scientists.

Benchmarking & Workload Characterization

NERSC assess available HPC system solutions using a combination of application benchmarks and microbenchmarks. By understanding the requirements of the NERSC workload we drive changes in computing architecture that will result in better HPC system architectures for scientific computing in future generation machines. Read More »

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DOE High Performance Computing Operational Review (HPCOR)

Enabling Data-Driven Scientific Discovery at HPC Facilities June 18-19, 2014 California State University, East Bay Oakland Professional Development and Conference Center Trans Bay Center 1000 Broadway, Suite 109 Oakland, CA Map of User Forum and HPCOR LocationsDirections and SIte MapVenue Web site The DOE High Performance and Computing Operational Review (HPCOR) will cover processes and practices for delivering facilities and services that enable high performance data-driven scientific… Read More »

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining a foothold in the business world, but can clouds meet the specialized needs of scientists? That’s the question NERSC’s Magellan cloud computing testbed is exploring. Read More »

Energy Efficient Computing

Read about NERSC's efforts to conserve energy in all operations related to supercomputing. Read More »

Exascale Computing

Learn about NERSC's research and development of exascale computing systems that deliver high impact across science domains, and demonstrate a new model for interaction between laboratories and vendors to create highly effective computing platforms. Read More »

Performance & Monitoring Tools

In order for parallel computers to attain their best performance and utlization, careful attention is needed in monitoring workloads and system resources. Read More »

Petascale Initiative

Alice Koniges (third from left) led the Computational Science and Engineering Petascale Initiative, which paired post-doctoral researchers with high-impact projects at NERSC. Post-docs pictured above are (from left) are Jihan Kim, Filipe Maia, Robert Preissl, Brian Austin, Wangyi (Bobby) Liu , Kirsten Fagnan and Praveen Narayanan. (Not pictured: Christos Kavouklis, Xuefei (Rebecca) Yuan) The Computational Science and Engineering Petascale Initiative at LBNL identified key application areas… Read More »

Science Gateway Development

Science gateways are conduits for bringing HPC to the web. NERSC assists in the development and hosting of gateways that make NERSC compute and data resources more broadly useful. To ease the development of these gateways, the NERSC Web Toolkit (NEWT) makes science gateways accessible to anyone familiar with HTML and javascript. Read More »

Storage and I/O Technologies

Learn more about NERSC research collaborations and system development related to I/O technologies, storage, and systems performance. Read More »