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Science at NERSC

NERSC's core mission is to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. NERSC and its nearly 7,000 users are are extremely active contributors to all fields of energy-related science in which computation and data analysis play a central role. NERSC is cited in about 1,000 refereed scientific publications per year. A  sample of science articles is at Science News and science presentations can be found at Science Highlights Presentations. On these pages we present some highlights from our users and describe some of the ways NERSC gathers requirements for science and recognizes its users accomplishments.

Science Highlights Presentations

NERSC collects quarterly highlights of recent scientific work carried out by its users. Read More »

NERSC Science Engagements

At NERSC, science comes first. NERSC systems and services are designed to enable and support cutting-edge research within the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science. NERSC engages with the scientific community in many ways both formally and informally. Among the more formal mechanisms are the NERSC Requirements Reviews, which have now become the DOE Exascale Requirements Reviews jointly with the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing facilities, regular meetings with the NERSC Users… Read More »

HPC Requirements Reviews

NERSC and the DOE program offices and conducting a series of HPC Production Computing and Storage Requirements Program Reviews. Read More »


NERSC HPC Achievement Awards

The NERSC HPC Achievement Awards are given annually to recognize extraordinary scientific achievement from NERSC users and to encourage the innovative use of High Performance Computing resources. Read More »

Share Your Research!

 We love to hear about your research success so we can learn more about the science being enabled by our systems and services.  Share your accomplishments and publications based on results obtained using NERSC resources by filling out the form below.  We'll use these entries to highlight your research and it may even lead to a NERSC science story. Read More »

Inter-Facility Science

Inter-facility Science  As data volumes and data complexity have grown at experimental and observational facilities funded by DOE, there has been an increase in partnerships between NERSC and these facilities. This page highlights recent examples where NERSC's scalable computing and data analytic capabilities have been leveraged in coordination with large scale experimental and observational science. It also invites input from facilities staff and users for new work in this area through a form… Read More »

High-Impact Science at Scale on Cori

August 24, 2017

NERSC received a large number of responses to its Call of Proposals for High-Impact Science at Scale on Cori KNL nodes, which were reviewed for the ability to scale to 2,000 or more Cori KNL nodes, potential science impact, feasibility/risk, and appropriateness of approach and resources requested. Many proposals scored very highly in all these categories, but requests far exceeded the time available in the NERSC Director's Reserve to support this program.  Eight awards were given, each with… Read More »