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Berkeley Lab Partners on 5 New HPC4Mfg Projects

DOE’s High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) Program has announced $3.8 million in funding for 13 new industry projects in the second round of the HPC4Mfg program, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been selected to partner with five of the new projects. » Read More

Unveiled: Earth’s Viral Diversity

Researchers at DOE's Joint Genome Institute use NERSC resources to identify 125,000 new viral sequences in environmental datasets. » Read More

DOE Invests $16M in Computer Design of Materials

The new projects will leverage NERSC HPCs to develop software for designing new materials for electronics, renewable energy and more. » Read More

Cost-Effective Fuel Cells

Researchers using NERSC demonstrated how polymer electrolyte fuel cells—long favored for transportation applications—can be made to run more efficiently and produced more cost-effectively by reducing the amount of a single key ingredient: platinum. » Read More

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A small sample of massively parallel scientific computing jobs running right now at NERSC.

Project Machine CPU Cores CPU Core Hours Used
Extreme scale particle simulation to carry out the 2016 FES National Theory and Simulation Performance Target research on divertor heat-flux width physics
 PI: Choong-Seock Chang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
Edison 24,576
Quantum Chromodynamics with four flavors of dynamical quarks
 PI: Doug Toussaint, University of Arizona
Edison 18,432
First-Principles Catalyst Design for Environmentally Benign Energy Production
 PI: Manos Mavrikakis, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Edison 4,800

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