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MANTISSA Finds New Ways to Solve Big Data Analysis Challenges

Researchers at Berkeley Lab are working to address emerging data management and analysis issues through MANTISSA, a DOE-funded program that supports development of novel algorithms to enable new software tools in various science domains to run at scale on current and next-generation supercomputers. » Read More

What the Blank Makes Quantum Dots Blink?

Quantum dots promise an astounding range of applications, if scientists can stop them blinking. » Read More

Meraculous: Deciphering the ‘Book of Life’ With Supercomputers

Novel Berkeley Algorithms and Computational Techniques Speed Up Genome Assembly, from Months to Minutes » Read More

Supernova Hunting with Supercomputers

With help from NERSC supercomputers, astronomers confirm one of two competing theories about the birth of Type Ia supernovae. » Read More

NERSC, Cray Announce Phase 1 of Cori Supercomputer

Cray XC40 will be first supercomputer installed in new Computational Research and Theory facility. » Read More

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Now Computing

A small sample of massively parallel scientific computing jobs running right now at NERSC.

Project Machine CPU Cores CPU Core Hours Used
NERSC Cray Staff Accounts
 PI: Jeff Broughton, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - NERSC
Edison 98,304
Analysis and Serving of Data from Large-Scale Cosmological Simulations
 PI: Salman Habib, Argonne National Laboratory
Hopper 6,144
Environmental effects in the lifecycle of convective clouds
 PI: Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Hopper 2,400
Understanding of the dynamics and energetics of molecular processes in cell signaling
 PI: Harel Weinstein, Cornell University
Edison 1,032
Computational Characterization of Porous Materials
 PI: Berend Smit, University of California Berkeley
Carver 512
Computational Resources for the FIRST (Fluid Interfaces: Reactions, Structure and Transport) EFRC Center
 PI: Peter T. Cummings, Vanderbilt University
Edison 288

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Did You Know?

Since 2011, NERSC’s Hopper, named in honor of computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper, has had a "lucky cat" figurine stashed inside one cabinet.