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DOE to Build Next-Generation Supercomputer at Berkeley Laboratory

New Pre-Exascale System Will Be Named ‘Perlmutter’ in Honor of Lab’s Nobel Prize-Winning Astrophysicist » Read More

NERSC Recognized by NASA for Contributions to Planck Mission

NERSC staff was honored with a NASA Group Achievement Award for their HPC support of the Planck Space Mission, which pushed the limits of HPC and cosmology. » Read More


A Big Data Center collaboration between NERSC, Intel and Cray has yielded another first in the quest to apply deep learning to data-intensive science: CosmoFlow, the first large-scale science application to use the TensorFlow framework on a CPU-based HPC platform with synchronous training. » Read More

Pickled Power

Computer simulations reveal that an additive commonly used to extend the life of Li-On batteries works because of a chemical reaction similar to pickling. » Read More

Breaking the Exaop Barrier

Computational scientists from Lawrence Berkeley and Oak Ridge national laboratories and engineers from NVIDIA have, for the first time, demonstrated an exascale-class deep learning application that has broken the exaop barrier. » Read More

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Computing at NERSC

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A small sample of massively parallel scientific computing jobs running right now at NERSC.

Project Machine Nodes NERSC Hours Used
Compressibility Effects on Instabilities and Turbulence in HEDP Flows
 PI: Hussein Aluie, University of Rochester
Cori 512
Calibrated and Systematic Characterization Attribution and Detection of Extremes
 PI: Travis A. O'Brien, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cori 457
Sampling diffusive dynamics on long timescales, and simulating the coupled dynamics of electrons and nuclei
 PI: Thomas F. Miller, California Institute of Technology
Edison 430
energy exascale earth system modeling (e3sm)
 PI: Lai-Yung Ruby Leung, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Edison 285
Lattice QCD Calculation of CP Violation in Kaon Decay
 PI: Norman H. Christ, Columbia University
Cori 256
Transforming Combustion Science & Technology with Exascale Simulations
 PI: Jacqueline Chen, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - NERSC
Edison 256
partnership center for high-fidelity boundary plasma simulation: scidac-4 center
 PI: Choong-Seock Chang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
Cori 256

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Did You Know?

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NERSC supercomputers are being used to help design super quantum computers of the future.