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Celeste: A New Model for Cataloging the Universe

A Berkeley Lab-based research collaboration of astrophysicists, statisticians and computer scientists has unveiled Celeste, a statistical inference model designed to enhance one of modern astronomy’s most time-tested tools: sky surveys. » Read More

Volcanic Hotspots Linked to Mantle Plumes

Using CT scans and simulations run at NERSC, seismologists have conclusively connected plumes of hot rock rising through the mantle with surface hotspots that generate volcanic island chains like Hawaii. » Read More

NERSC Accelerates Scientific Analysis with SciDB

Tackling extreme data challenges will require a system that is easy enough for any scientist to use, that can effectively harness the power of ever more powerful supercomputers, and that is unified and extendable. This is where NERSC’s implementation of SciDB comes in. » Read More

Ice Sheet Model Reveals Most Comprehensive Projections for West Antarctica’s Future

BISICLES simulations run at NERSC help researchers estimate ice loss and sea level rise. » Read More

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Computing at NERSC

Now Computing

A small sample of massively parallel scientific computing jobs running right now at NERSC.

Project Machine CPU Cores CPU Core Hours Used
Nuclear Physics Calculations from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
 PI: Frank X. Lee, George Washington University
Edison 20,520
Lattice QCD Study of the Structure of Light Nuclei
 PI: Martin J. Savage, University of Washington
Hopper 16,896
Lattice QCD Study of the Structure of Light Nuclei
 PI: Martin J. Savage, University of Washington
Hopper 16,896
HPC for HEP Theory
 PI: Stefan Hoeche, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center - National Accelerator Laboratory
Hopper 12,288
Simulation of Large Hadron Collider Events Using Leadership Computing
 PI: Thomas Lecompte, Argonne National Laboratory
Edison 9,600
Three dimensional magnetic reconnection
 PI: Cihan Akcay, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Edison 6,912

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Did You Know?

Since 2011, NERSC’s Hopper, named in honor of computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper, has had a "lucky cat" figurine stashed inside one cabinet.