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Operations Technology

The Operations Technology Group (OTG) manages the operation of the NERSC facility to ensure continuous resource availability to users and is the central location for monitoring, problem reporting, triage and resolution, data collection, and emergency response. They also serve as the Network Operations Center (NOC) for the Energy Sciences Network ( In both functions, they are the first line of support and ensures 24x7 accessibility, reliability, and security of NERSC's High Performance Systems, data storage systems and of ESnet.

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Elizabeth J. Bautista

Group Lead
(510) 486-7454 |

Thomas A. (Tom) Davis

Environmental Systems, CSE
(510) 486-4524 |

John Gann

Site Reliability Engineer
(510) 486-6821 |
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Owen James

Site Reliability Engineer
(510) 486-6821 |

Yomi Kujore

Site Reliability Engineer
(510) 486-6821 |

Basil Lalli

Site Reliability Engineer
(510) 486-6821 |

Yu Lok Lam

System Administrator, Monitoring and Environmental Systems Team
(510) 486-6821 |

Tony Quan

Site Reliability Engineer
(510) 486-6821 |

Jacqueline (Jackie) Scoggins

Team Lead, CSE
(510) 486-8651 |