NERSCPowering Scientific Discovery Since 1974


  Hands-on [Exercises tarball]

Download File: CNLexercises.tar | tar |

  Third-Party Software

Download File: ZhengjiNUG2007software.ppt | ppt |

  XT4 message passing optimization, with examples

Download File: LevesqueMPIOptimization.ppt | ppt |

  XT4 socket optimization, with examples

Download File: Levesque-XTOptimization2007.ppt | ppt |

  XT4 architecture

Download File: Levesque-XTIntro.ppt | ppt |

  PGI compiler - How to use the compiler; flags for porting, debugging and optimization

Download File: Levesque-Compiler.ppt | ppt |

  ACTS Collection

Download File: Marques-ACTS.ppt | ppt |

  Running Jobs

Download File: Gerber-Runningjobs.ppt | ppt |

  Advanced code optimization cache blocking, prefetching, and OpenMP

  Advanced profiling and Apprentice 2

Download File: DeRose-XTApprentice2Tutorial.pdf | pdf |

  Cray's profiling tools and CrayPat

Download File: DeRose-XTCrayPatTutorial.pdf | pdf |

  I/O Presentation

Download File: Antypas-IOPresentation.ppt | ppt |

  Grid Services

Download File: Cholia-GridDemo.ppt | ppt |

  Security Activities Site Assist Visit, mandatory user training, ssh project

Download File: Draney-SecurityNUG0907.ppt | ppt |

  Analytics and Visualization Activities

Download File: Aragon-NERSCAnalyticsNUG-Sep07.ppt | ppt |

  Seaborg Decommission Timeline and data retention issues

Download File: Craw-SeaborgDecommission.ppt | ppt |

  DOE's Operational Review of ORNL, NERSC and PNNL

Download File: Ethier-HPCOAoverview.pdf | pdf |

  HPSS Update

Download File: Hick-NUGHPSSUpdate.ppt | ppt |

  Web Services for NGF Access

  New Grid Services at NERSC

Download File: Cholia-NUG-GridServices.ppt | ppt |

  Running the Community Climate System Model at NERSC

Download File: Middleton-CCSMatNERSC.ppt | ppt |

  Adaptive Mesh Simulations of Pellet Injection into Tokamaks

Download File: Samtaney-NERSC.pdf | pdf |

  Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis at NERSC

Download File: Borrill-nugex07.ppt | ppt |

  DOE Update

Download File: Helland-DOEUpdate.ppt | ppt |

  A New Debugger for NERSC: DDT

Download File: Antypas-NUG2007DDToverview.ppt | ppt |