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NUG Executive Committee (NUGEX)

 NUGEX is the voice of the user community to NERSC and DOE. While all NUG events are open to all NERSC users, NUGEX members regularly participate in the monthly teleconfernces and the annual face-to-face meeting. NUGEX is consulted on many NERSC policy issues, e.g., batch configurations, disk quotas, services and training offerings.  Members of NUGEX also participate in their office's NERSC Requirements Reviews of High Performance Computing and Storage. There are three representatives from each office and three members-at-large.

Email Address
DOE OfficeTerm ExpiresPI's Project Title
Mark Adams Berkeley Lab
ASCR Dec 2015 Composable Hierarchically Nested Solvers
Anubhav Jain Berkeley Lab
Dec 2015 The Materials Genome
Vadim Roytershteyn SciberQuest, Inc.
Dec 2015 Kinetic Simulations in Laboratory and Space Plasmas
Thomas Bettge NCAR
BER Dec 2015 Climate Change Simulations with CESM
Rudesh Toofanny University of Waskington
Dec 2015 Molecular Dynameomics
Guishan Zheng Harvard University
Dec 2015 Molecular Simulations of Biological Processes
Eric Bylaska PNNL
BES Dec 2015 Actinide Oxidation States
Gary Grest Sandia Lab
Dec 2015 Controlling Nanoparticle Interadtions to Engineer New Materials
Paul Kent Oak Ridge
Dec 2015 Nanomaterials Theory Institute at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Stephane Ethier - Chair PPPL
FES Dec 2014 Magnetic Fusion Plasma Microturbulence Project
Linda Sugiyama MIT
Dec 2015 3D Extended MHD simulation of fusion plasmas
Jean-Luc Vay Berkeley Lab
Dec 2014 Simulation of Intense Beams for Heavy-ion Fusion Science
Julian Borrill Berkeley Lab
HEP Dec 2014 Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis For The Planck Satellite Mission and For Sub-Orbital Experiments
Steven Gottlieb Indiana University
Dec 2014 Quantum Chromodynamics with three and four flavors of dynamical quarks
Frank Tsung - Vice Chair UCLA
Dec 2014 Continuing Studies of Plasma Based Accelerators
Daniel Kasen Berkeley Lab
NP Dec 2014 Radiation Transport of Astrophysical Explosions
Tomasz Plewa Florida State University
Dec 2015 Supernova Explosions in Three Dimensions
Martin Savage University of Washington
Dec 2014 Hadron-Hadron Interactions with Lattice QCD
Cameron Geddes Berkeley Lab
At Large Dec 2015 Simulation of Laser-Plasma Particle Accelerators
Konstantin Kemenov CRAFT Tech
Dec 2015 Sub-Grid Scale Combustion Modeling for Gas Turbines
Gregory Newman Berkeley Lab
Dec 2014 Large Scale 3D Geophsycial Inversion & Imaging

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