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The NERSC Science Acceleration Program (NESAP) is a collaborative effort in which NERSC partners with code teams, vendors, and library and tools developers to prepare for advanced architectures and new systems. NESAP began in late 2014 to help users prepare for the Cori manycore Knights Landing/Xeon Phi architecture and continued into the 2020s, targeting Perlmutter, NERSC's first production GPU-based system. Now NESAP is starting to focus on workflows in a variety of areas, the next generation of NERSC systems, and Integrated Research Infrastructure.

NESAP Term Projects

NESAP Term projects are one-year projects intended to prepare for and better utilize advanced workflow capabilities such as hardware acceleration, reconfigurable storage, advanced scheduling, and integration with edge services, as well as alignment with the Integrated Research Infrastructure (IRI) initiative (

The Call for Proposals for NESAP Term Projects is currently open through Oct 2nd.

NESAP NERSC-10 Partnership

Applications for NESAP NERSC-10 partnership will open either late 2024 or early 2025.

NESAP Postdoctoral Fellowship

NERSC needs to fill postdoctoral and named fellowship positions in support of NESAP for Workflows. We will be making a number of NESAP Postdoctoral Fellowship hires and there is a position open for the Distinguished Admiral Grace Hopper Fellowship as well. We encourage applications from NERSC users!