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Data Day 2018

September 6th - 7th, 2018

NERSC hosted its data-centric event, Data Day, in combination with the LBNL Machine Learning for Science Workshop


Thursday, September 6

Title Speaker Start time
Introduction to Data Day
Katie Antypas (NERSC) 8.50am

Overview of NERSC Data Stack (slides)

Prabhat (NERSC) 9.00am
Python at NERSC (slides) Rollin Thomas (NERSC) 9.30am
Jupyter @ NERSC: Demo and Best Practices Rollin Thomas (NERSC) 10.00am


Visualization using Python Annette Greiner (NERSC) 11.00am
Overview of Deep Learning Stack at NERSC (slides) Wahid Bhimji (NERSC) 11.30am



TensorFlow Demo: Detecting Supersymmetry at the LHC (slides)

S. Farrell and M. Mustafa (NERSC) 1.30pm
Break   2.30pm

Scaling Deep Learning on Cori: Hands-on activities (git-repo)

S. Farrell and M. Mustafa (NERSC)


Friday, September 7

Title Speaker Start time
Overview of Data Management @ NERSC (slides) Jialin Liu (NERSC) 9.00am
HPSS: Overview and Best Practices (slides) Nick Balthaser (NERSC) 9.30am

Spin: Overview (slides)

Cory Snavely (NERSC) 10.00am

Spin Use Case: the ESS-DIVE Data Archive (slides)

Val Hendrix (CRD) 10.15am


Shifter: Overview and Science Use Cases (slides)  Bryce Foster (JGI) 11.00am
ESnet: Overview (slides) Kathryn Mace (ESnet) 11.30am
Data Transfer and Access @ NERSC (slides) Shreyas Cholia (CRD) 12.00pm