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Training Materials

The following tutorials are produced by NERSC staff and are intended to provide basic instruction on NERSC systems.

  Introduction to Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Programming

Download File: hybridTalk.pdf | pdf | 1005 KB

sample managed list

Using OpenMP

Introduction to MPI

This tutorial is intended to be used as a basic introduction to parallel programming and the MPI message passing library. It assumes familiarity with FORTRAN or C, basic UNIX commands, and a UNIX text editor. Examples can be made available on the NERSC Carver system.

Introduction to MPI I/O

A very brief and basic introduction to parallel I/O using the MPI library.

Introduction to Parallel I/O

Introduction to 'Make'

The UNIX make utility facilitates the creation and maintenance of executable programs from source code. This tutorial will introduce the simple usage of the make utility with the goal of building an executable program from a series of source code files.

  Introduction to PGAS

Download File: SCTutorialPGAS.pdf | pdf | 3.2 MB

PGAS (Partitioned Global Address Space) languages offer both an alternative to traditional parallelization approaches (MPI and OpenMP), and the possibility of being combined with MPI for a multicore hybrid programming model. In this tutorial we cover PGAS concepts and two commonly used PGAS languages, Coarray Fortran (CAF, as specified in the Fortran standard) and the extension to the C standard, Unified Parallel C (UPC).