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Cybersecurity Tutorial

This course is designed to remind you of your basic security responsibilities as a user of NERSC resources, and to provide you with actions you can take to protect your scientific work. Read More »

Training Materials

The following tutorials are produced by NERSC staff and are intended to provide basic instruction on NERSC… Read More »

Introduction to Scientific I/O

This tutorial will help you understand and improve your I/O operations on NERSC systems. Read More »

Introduction to 'Make'

The UNIX make utility facilitates the creation and maintenance of executable programs from source code. This tutorial will introduce the simple usage of the make utility with the goal of building an executable program from a series of source code files. Read More »

Introduction to PGAS Languages

This tutorial will discuss some introductory concepts of PGAS (Partitioned Global Address Space) languages for parallel computing. Read More »

Introduction to OpenCL

This page is based on the OpenCL tutorial given at NERSC at SC13. Read More »

Using the DDT Debugger Video Tutorial

February 11, 2011

Getting started using the DDT debugger on Hopper. Read More »

Spin Getting Started Guide

This guide is under development Spin is in a Pilot phase for NERSC staff and users in early 2018. The content of this page may be updated during this development period. The goal of the Spin project is ultimately to provide a self service platform, but during the pilot phase NERSC ISG (Infrastructure Services Group) acts as an intermediary to this service while we improve the service and wait for vendor to provide a more complete multi-tenant system. Known bugs in the Getting Started Guide The… Read More »