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GPUs for Science 2020

Location: Zoom Webinar

June 30 - July 1, 2020

In anticipation of our next system Perlmutter which will arrive soon, NERSC has a crucial role to play in helping the wider scientific community leverage and embrace GPUs for their simulation, data processing, and machine learning workloads. Part of this role includes hosting events like GPUs for Science, the goal of which is to help facilitate the transition to GPU systems by giving scientists the motivation, the tools, and the expertise they need to make this change possible. 


Day 1 Agenda: Tuesday, June 30

TitleVideoSlidesSpeakerTime PDT (UTC-07:00)
Registration       8:45 AM
Session 1   Slides Chairperson: Oisín Creaner  
Welcome      Jack Deslippe (LBNL)  9:00 AM
Perlmutter Introduction  Video Slides Jay Srinivasan (LBNL) 9:20 AM
TALK: Using GPUs as accelerators Video Slides Max Katz (NVIDIA) 9:40 AM
TALK: Understanding AMD GPU ISA
Video Slides Rene Van-Oostrum (AMD) 10:00 AM
TALK: Intro to SYCL/DPC++ for GPUs Video Slides Jeff Hammond (INTEL) 10:20 AM
Coffee Break (20 mins)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 10:40 AM
Session 2     Chairperson: Muaaz Awan  

PANEL: Performance & Portability

Video *

CD JO PR Christopher Daley (LBNL), John Owens (UC Davis), Phil Roth (Oak Ridge National Lab) 11:00 AM
Session 3     Chairperson: Hugo Brunie  
TALK: Mixed precision optimization for lattice quantum chromodynamics Video Slides Kate Clark (NVIDIA) 12:00 NOON
TALK: New protein crystallographic science enabled with GPU computing at X-ray free electron lasers Video Slides Nicholas Sauter (LBNL) 12:20 PM
Lunch Break (1 hour)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 12:40 PM
Session 4     Chairperson: Muaaz Awan  
TALK: Science applications: ExaFEL project port to GPU Video Slides Johannes Blaschke (LBNL) 1:40 PM
TALK: Science applications: Using OpenACC to accelerate scientific applications on GPUs Video Slides Sunita Chandrasekaran (University of Delaware) 2:00 PM
TALK: Science applications: Application of GPUs in Proteomics and Connectomics Video Slides Fahad Saeed (FIU) 2:20 PM
TALK: Science applications: GPU-Accelerated General Relativistic Ray Tracing for Simulating Black Hole Images Video Slides Chi-kwan Chan (Steward Observatory/University of Arizona) 2:40 PM
Coffee Break (20 mins)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 3:00 PM
Session 5     Chairperson: Dossay Oryspayev  
TUTORIAL: OpenACC Programming   Slides

Instructors: Jeff Larkin (NVIDIA) & Dossay Oryspayev (LBNL)

3:20 PM
End of Day 1       5:00 PM

*videos marked with a star are incomplete due to data loss. 

Day 2 Agenda: Wednesday, July 1

TitleVideoSlidesSpeakerTime PDT (UTC-07:00)
Registration       8:45 AM
Session 1      Chairperson: Michael Rowan  
TALK: Optimizing Data Preprocessing in Cosmo-3D -Developing Efficient Pipelines with DALI and Nsight Systems
Video * Slides Thorsten Kurth (NVIDIA) 9:00 AM
TALK: GW Calculations at Scale
Video Slides Charlene Yang (LBNL) 9:20 AM
Session 2     Chairperson: Dossay Oryspayev
PANEL: Programming platforms: Kokkos, Raja and OpenACC Video Slides Rahul Gayatri (LBNL), Sunita Chandrasekaran (University of Delaware), David Alexander Beckingsale (LLNL)
9:40 AM
Coffee Break (20 mins)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 10:40 AM
Session 3     Chairperson: Yan Zhang  
TALK: Introduction to the Roofline Model Video * Slides Samuel Williams (LBNL) 11:00 AM
TALK: Profiling/debugging Video Slides Jonathan Madsen (LBNL) 11:20 AM
TALK: Science applications: DESI Video Slides Laurie Stephey and Daniel Margala (LBNL) 11:40 AM
TALK: Deep Learning For Science Video Slides Steven Farrell (LBNL) 12:00 PM
Lunch Break (1 hour)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 12:20 PM
Session 5:     Chairperson: Hugo Brunie  

PANEL: Reduced/Mixed Precision Optimization Techniques



CJ Newburn (NVIDIA), Xiaoye Sherry Li (LBNL) & Cindy Rubio González (UC Davis) 1:20 PM
Session 6:     Chairperson: Muaaz Awan  
TUTORIAL: Intro to CUDA programming (Part 1) Video P3

Instructors: Dossay Oryspayev (LBNL), Muaaz Awan (LBNL), Hugo Brunie (LBNL), & Michael Rowan (LBNL)

2:20 PM
Coffee Break (20 mins)     Zoom Breakout Rooms 3:00 PM
TUTORIAL: Intro to CUDA programming (Part 2)    

Instructors: Dossay Oryspayev (LBNL), Muaaz Awan (LBNL), Hugo Brunie (LBNL), & Michael Rowan (LBNL)

3:20 PM
Lessons Learned: Summary of the event    Slides Organising Committee 4:20 PM
Closing Remarks and Thanks     Jack Deslippe (LBNL) 4:40 PM
End of Day 2       5:00 PM



Registration is FREE and open for everyone interested, and users need to sign up at this link. There are limited spaces available in the tutorial sessions, and attendees are encouraged to sign up as early as possible to ensure they get their preferred tutorial session(s).

Registration deadlines:

  • General attendance: Sunday, June 28th, 11:59PM (PDT).
  • Tutorial sessions: Wednesday, June 24rd, 11:59PM (PDT).

We will use for communication during the event, you can contact one of our organizers in case you need access. Once registered please join the GPU for Science (gpu4science) channel.



The members of the organizing committee for GPUs for Science 2020 are (in alphabetical order by last name):

Muaaz Awan
Hugo Brunie
Oisín Creaner
Dossay Oryspayev
Michael Rowan
Yan Zhang



Zoom Webinar link.

This webinar is password protected.  Please contact [email protected] for the password if you think you should have it.

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