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Tapia 2017 HPC Workshop

September 23, 2017

Material for the Tapia 2017 HPC workshop will be posted here for participants. 

Hands-on materials can be accessed on Cori with:

$ module load training/tapia-2017

Morning session

The sessions are organised around a series of hands-on exercises, which can be found in our github repository for training material

Afternoon session

Generally useful information

OpenMP quick reference card (Fortran)

NX in the Web browser



  • Intro-to-Cori-TAPIA.pptx | PowerPoint file
    This hands-on tutorial will start with an overview of a KNL system using NERSC Cori and will cover the following topics: available compute nodes, filesystems and runtime environment. We will introduce the batch environment - slurm - and walk through writing, submitting and monitoring a job. We will then introduce the software environment and work through building and running a simple application. Finally, we will touch on some more advanced aspects of running jobs on Cori, such as task and process placement.