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Performance Portability with Kokkos, March 26-29, 2019

March 26, 2019

NERSC is hosting a four-day training event on Kokkos March 26-29, 2019. This workshop is intended to teach new Kokkos users how to get started and to help existing Kokkos users improve their codes. The training will cover the minimum required topics to get your application started on using Kokkos, and Kokkos experts will be on hand to help the more advanced users.


The workshop will be held at the Oakland City Center Conference Center, 500 12th Street, Oakland California.


Time Meal Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
    Beginning Advanced Beginning Advanced Beginning Advanced All
8:00 AM   Registration/Check-in Registration/Check-in Registration/Check-in Registration/Check-in
8:30 AM Breakfast Introductions and Workshop objectives Workshop objectives, summary of day 1, overview of day 2 Workshop objectives, summary of day 2, overview of day 3 Workshop objectives
9:00 AM   Kokkos Introductory Tutorial I
Application Hands-on
Kokkos Intermediate Tutorial I
Application Hands-on
Kokkos MPI and Fortran Interop Application Hands-on Application Hands-on
10:00 AM   Break Break Break Break
10:30 AM   Kokkos Introductory Tutorial II Kokkos Intermediate Tutorial II Application Hands-on Application Hands-on
12:30 PM Lunch Working Lunch Presentation: Kokkos Build System Integration Working Lunch Presentation: Kokkos Support Infrastructure Working Lunch Presentation: Advanced topics Working Lunch: Kokkos Future Plans
1:30 PM   Kokkos Profiling Tutorial
Application Hands-on
Kokkos Advanced Tutorial I
Application Hands-on
Application Hands-on Hands-on and wrap-up
3:00 PM   Break Break Break Adjourn
3:30 PM   Kokkos Higher-level Data Structures Random Numbers and Kokkos Kernels Application Hands-on  
5:00 PM   Adjourn Adjourn Adjourn  


For more information and to register, please see the ECP Kokkos Bootcamp webpage.

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