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OLCF Frontier Training Workshop, Feb 15-17, 2023


The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will host a virtual Frontier Training Workshop on February 15-17, 2023. This workshop is open to NERSC users. 


This event is meant to help new Frontier users (or those intending to use Frontier) learn how to run on the system. The first day will feature presentations and a hands-on session. To participate in the hands-on, you must have an account on Frontier or Crusher. The last two days will feature presentations from vendors and staff.

The target audience for this workshop is OLCF users who have recently obtained access to Frontier or who intend to run on Frontier in the future. If you are new to OLCF or want to do additional research, please see OLCF Preparing for Frontier series. You will find helpful slides, talks, and hands-on exercises that you can do on Summit or Perlmutter linked there.

The presentations for this workshop are meant to deliver relevant information about the system (hardware, job launcher, programming methods, etc.), while the hands-on session is intended to help participants learn how to run jobs on the system. OLCF staff and our vendor partners will be available for questions during and after their sessions.

Date and Time: 10 am - 2 pm (Pacific time), Wed-Fri, February 15-17, 2023

The format of this event will be online only.


Registration is required for remote participation.  Please find more information and register on the OLCF event page

Presentation Materials