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Key Actions for Optimizing for KNL

This webinar consisted of a presentation by Nathan Wichmann of Cray entitled, "Key Actions When Optimizing for KNL." Nathan is a Principal Performance Engineer responsible for tackling performance problems at Cray for many years and he is our contact for the NERSC/Cray Cori Applications Center of Excellence. Nathan's presentation results, in part, from his participation in several "brainstorming" telecons with NESAP code projects.

The event also contained an update from NERSC, mentioning results from an Intel "dungeon session" attended during the week of March 16 and the availability of new tools and libraries for performance exploration on NERSC systems.


"NERSC8 CoE Key Actions when optimizing for KNL," Nathan Wichmann [PDF]

"NESAP Update," Zhengji Zhao, Helen He, Scott French, Jack Deslippe, Harvey Wasserman [PDF]