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Intel VTune Training

June 23, 2015


Experts from Intel will be on site at NERSC next Tuesday, June 23, to provide a hands-on VTune tutorial geared at new and intermediate users to intel tools.

Topics Covered:

1. Types of Analysis
a. Hotspots Analysis
b. Concurrency/Locks and Waits Analysis
c. CPU Event Based Analysis
2.  Advanced Features
3.  Command Line Analysis
4.  Remote Data Collection
5.  Result Comparison
6.  What’s New in the 2016 beta
7. Hands on


Tuesday June 23. 9am-3pm PST


NERSC users are strongly encouraged to attend in person at NERSC's Oakland Scientific Facility.

Remote Attendance Information:
You may also attend remotely by connecting to the hangout-on-air in your browser or viewing via the public youtube URL.
Hangout on Air URL:
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