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CSGF 2017 HPC Workshop

July 26, 2017

Hands-on materials can be accessed on Cori with:

$ module load training/csgf-2017

Optimizing for Intel's Knights Landing – Memory Hierarchy

For the Memory hierarchy exercise:

And for the STREAM benchmark:

For the Burst Buffer tutorial materials, please see this page

OpenMP quick reference card (Fortran)

NX in the Web browser


  • Intro-to-Cori.pdf | Adobe Acrobat PDF file
    This hands-on tutorial will start with an overview of a KNL system using NERSC Cori and will cover the following topics: available compute nodes, filesystems and runtime environment. We will introduce the batch environment - slurm - and walk through writing, submitting and monitoring a job. We will then introduce the software environment and work through building and running a simple application. Finally, we will touch on some more advanced aspects of running jobs on Cori, such as task and process placement.
  • CSGF-2017-Hackathon-Slides.pdf | Adobe Acrobat PDF file
    This advanced, hands-on session is designed to teach participants concepts and strategies for optimizing applications on exascale-like HPC architectures. Attendees will learn to profile a short HPC code with Intel and Cray optimization tools to identify hotspots, bottlenecks and areas to parallelize. Participants will then get a chance to optimize the code on the Intel Xeon Phi Cori system at NERSC. The team with the fastest version at the end of the day will earn eternal glory in CSGF history (and perhaps a small prize).