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Cray Reveal Tool Training: Sept 18, 2014


Cray Reveal Webinar: A Tool to Help Porting to Manycore

Heidi Poxon, Cray

10:00 - 11:00 PDT, September 18, 2014

Presented as a Web Event only

Heidi Poxon, Technical Lead and Manager of Cray Performance Tools, will present a web training on the Cray Reveal Tool for porting to manycore systems. Reveal is a performance analysis and code optimization tool.  Reveal assists users optimizing code by providing variable scoping feedback and suggested OpenMP compiler directives.  Users who are considering adding OpenMP to your applications will find this training especially interesting.


Most applications running on the current generation of HPC systems use a distributed programming model like MPI or UPC, but don¹t take advantage of shared memory programming within a node.  To efficiently use resources available on nodes with many cores, application developers must incorporate additional levels of parallelism, such as OpenMP.  Adding parallelism to the most important loops within an application is key to making good use of available cores and achieving maximum performance.  However, this task is difficult as it involves analyzing code for dependencies and scoping many variables through deep call chains. Cray has developed a tool to help with this difficult task.  Reveal extends Cray's existing performance measurement, analysis and visualization technology by combining runtime performance statistics and program source code visualization with Cray compiler optimization feedback. With Reveal, the developer can browse source code, quickly retrieve compiler optimization information, determine which high-level loops can most benefit from OpenMP parallelism, scope variables through complex call chains, and form OpenMP directives.  This training presents the capabilities of the tool and walks attendees through a typical usage model.

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