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7th BerkeleyGW Tutorial Workshop

The BerkeleyGW developer team is hosting the 7th BerkeleyGW Tutorial Workshop and 2nd Berkeley Excited States Conference (BESC2021) in 2021, in a virtual format. For more information on this event, please visit

BerkeleyGW Tutorial Workshop, Jan 4-6, 2021

Three-day workshop with instructions and hands-on sessions. Computing resources and temporary training accounts will be provided at NERSC. The target participants for the Workshop are graduate students, postdocs, and researchers who are interested in learning about or sharpening their skills on ab initio calculations of many-electron effects in excited-state properties of condensed matter. Tutorial content includes GW and GW-BSE calculations using BerkeleyGW on solids and low-dimensional materials, quasiparticle band structures, optical spectra including electron-hole interactions, analysis of excitons, etc. 

Some exercises and resources from previous Workshops can be found at:

Learn more about BerkeleyGW at:

2nd Berkeley Excited States Conference (BESC2021), Jan 7-8, 2021

BESC2021 will be a general topical conference with mainly invited talks by experts on recent progress in the theory and applications of ab initio study of quantum many-body effects in excited-state phenomena in materials, showcasing forefront research that involves advanced many-body approaches (e.g. GW, GW-BSE & beyond, DMFT, quantum Monte Carlo, TDDFT, TDGW, etc.) and new science in the excited state.