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Data Day 2017

September 19th - 20th, 2017

Building 50 Auditorium (19th Sept) and Wang Hall - Building 59 (20th Sept)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This Fall, NERSC hosts our data-centric event, Data Day, in combination with the NUG Annual Meeting. The main event will take place on September 19, followed by a half-day hackathon on September 20. The goal: to bring together researchers who use, or are interested in using, NERSC systems for data-intensive work.

On September 19, a full day of talks and tutorials will get you up and running with the latest data-focused tools for scientific computing. Training sessions on machine learning, Python, Machine Learning, the Cori Burst Buffer, and Shifter will be complemented by presentations from scientists already taking advantage of these tools in their own research. 

Stick around for the hack day, and you’ll get a chance to put your new knowledge to work with guided tutorials in machine learning and the Burst Buffer, and experts on hand to answer all your data-related questions. The entire event will be held on site at the lab, in the Building 50 Auditorium and in Wang Hall, NERSC’s new landmark building at Berkeley Lab. Come and learn how to power up your data.

tongue-in-cheek graph of what HPC users do while their jobs are in the queue (type sqs over and over, fantasize about exascale systems, etc.)



Tuesday, 19th Sept, Bldg 50 Auditorium

Remote participation for all talks via Zoom:

MC: Annette Grenier

Title Speaker Start time
Introduction to Data Day (video) Kathy Yelick (UCB, LBL) 8.30am
Accelerating Science with Generative Adversarial Networks (slides, video) Michela Paganini (Yale) 8.45am
Machine Learning Demo (ipython notebook, video) Mustafa Mustafa (NERSC) 9.15am
Burst Buffer Demo (slides, ipython notebook, video [note first minute of video is missing]) Debbie Bard (NERSC) 9.45am


Benchmarking an Assembly Algorithm on NERSC Systems (slides, video) Alicia Clum (JGI) 10.45am
Shifter Tutorial (slides, video) Shane Canon (NERSC) 11.15am

Using Shifter to Explore the Parameter Space Created by Biophysically Detailed Neuronal Models (slides, video)

Roy Ben-Shalom (UCSF) 11.45am


ESNET (slides, video) Eli Dart (ESNET) 1.30pm
Data Management/Movement (slides, video) Jialin Liu, Lisa Gerhardt  (NERSC) 2pm
Data Management and Analysis at Free Electron Lasers. Perspectives from the ExaFEL LCLS/NERSC Collaboration (slides, video) David Skinner (NERSC) 2.30pm


Python DEMO (slides, video) Rollin Thomas (NERSC) 3.30pm
Performance Optimization of a Tomographic Reconstruction Code (TomoPy)  (slides, video) Zahra Ronaghi (NERSC) 4pm
Closeout Prabhat (NERSC) 4.30pm

 Wednesday 20th: Data Hackathon/ Data Competition

Wang Hall (bldg 59) room 3101, 9am - noon

Join us for a half-day of hacking on any data-related topic you like! NERSC experts will be on-hand to help you with your all data problems. 

Join in the Data Competition, run through a Burst Buffer tutorial, try out Spark or machine learning on Cori, or try out one of the tools you heard about on Data Day! 



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