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Data Storage Quota Increase Request

NERSC will consider reasonable requests for changes in space quota and inode limits. Please submit a request through the "Request Forms" section at the NERSC help portal:

quota request2 

Please ask for the least amount of resources you need, since the sum of quota space and inodes allocated to users already exceeds system capacity. In other words, system resources would be exhausted before all users could use their existing quotas.

You can find out the current quotas and usage of space and inodes for your home and scratch file systems with the myquota command. You can find out the current quotas and usage for a project directory with command "prjquota name" where name is the name of the project directory. You can find your HPSS usage in NIM.

Please do not request a quota increase for Global Home.  Use one of the scratch or project file systems, instead.  For questions, contact