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Advisor for Threading


Intel Advisor provides two tools to help the user to modify Fortran, C and C++ applications to take full performance advantage of today's processors:

  • Vectorization Advisor is a vectorization optimization tool that lets the user identify loops that will benefit most from vectorization and locates what is blocking effective vectorization

  • Threading Advisor is a threading design and prototyping tool that lets the user analyze, design, tune, and check threading design options.

Threading Advisor

Key Threading Advisor features include the following:

  • Survey Report - Shows the loops and functions where the application spends the most time. 

  • Trip Counts analysis - Shows the minimum, maximum, and median number of times a loop body will execute, as well as the number of times a loop is invoked. 

  • Annotations - Inserted by the programmer to mark places in the application that are good candidates for later replacement with parallel framework code that enables parallel execution using threads. 

  • Suitability Report - Predicts the maximum speed-up of the application based on the inserted annotations and a variety of modeling parameters. 

  • Dependencies Report - Predicts parallel data sharing problems based on the inserted annotations.

For information on how to use Intel Advisor and how to execute it on NERSC systems, visit the page on Advisor.