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CREST HPX or HPX-5 is the High Performance ParalleX runtime library from the Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technology (CREST) at Indiana University for petascale/exascale computing. Building on CREST’s commitment to developing new approaches for achieving the highest levels of performance on current and next-generation supercomputing platforms, CREST HPX is provided to support the international high-performance computing community in addressing significant challenges involved in achieving exascale computing. Instructions for running CREST HPX on NERSC are available.

CREST HPX is a reduction to practice of the revolutionary ParalleX execution model, which establishes roles and responsibilities between layers in an exascale system and supports dynamic and adaptive resource management and scheduling. It is implemented in portable C99 and is organized around a cooperative lightweight thread scheduler, a global address space, an active-message parcel transport, and a group of globally addressable local synchronization object classes. Internally, the infrastructure is built on scalable concurrent data structures to minimize shared-memory synchronization overhead. The global address space and parcel transport are based on the innovative Photon network transport library, which supports low-level access to network hardware and provides RDMA with remote completion events for low overhead signaling. An alternative ISend/IRecv network layer is included for portability, along with a reference MPI implementation. CREST HPX is compatible with Linux running on Intel x86, MAC OSX and Xeon Phi processors and various ARM core platforms (including both ARMv7 and ARMv8/Aarch64).