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Grid Software and Services


Grid computing can include a broad range of technologies. At NERSC we are interested in new computational and data-centric services which enhance the productivity of science teams.  The grid infrastructure we support (described below) can be used to manage jobs and data in ways that are otherwise difficult from the comamnd line. Grid services enable remote job management, file transfer and distributed computing workflows through the Globus Toolkit. Web based Science Gateways can be built on the foundation provided by those services.

Users can access several NERSC resources via Globus grid interfaces using X509 grid certificates.  NERSC is part of the Open Science Grid (OSG) and is available to select OSG Virtual Organizations for compute and storage resources.  Go here for more information.

The NERSC Grid infrastructure is based on the Globus Toolkit.

NERSC also supports Globus Online for reliable file transfer across the WAN in a simple easy-to-use manner.

Using Grid Services

  • Globus Online at NERSC
  • Grid Certificates Grid certificates allow you to access NERSC (and other Grid enabled computing facilities) via grid interfaces. Grid certificates are credentials that must be initialized for use with grid tools. Once a certificate is initialized it is automatically used by the grid tools to authenticate the user to the grid resource.
  • GridFTP Data Transfer GridFTP is a command line service for parallel movement of data.