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Here, we provide information about compiler usage and availability on NERSC systems. We also include reports of compiler-related bugs that have affected NERSC users, along with workarounds and vendor status reports where possible.

Intel (Fortran, C, and C++)

The Intel compiler suite is available on Cori. Read More »

Cray Compilers (Fortran, C, C++)

The Cray compilers are part of the Cray Compiling Environment (CCE). Read More »

GNU Compilers (Fortran, C, and C++)

The GNU compiler collection, with gcc, g++, and gfortran front ends, was developed by GNU project as free compilers. Read More »

UPC (Unified Parallel C)

Unified Parallel C is a partitioned global address space (PGAS) language and an extension of the C programming language. Read More »

CAF (Coarray Fortran)

The CAF compiler is available on Edison and Carver via the Cray compiler. Read More »

LLVM/Clang (C/C++)

March 1, 2016

The LLVM compiler suite is available on Cori. Read More »