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Data & Analytics

NERSC offers a variety of services to support data-centric workloads. We provide tools in the areas of Data Management (storage, representation), Data Analytics (statistics, machine learning, imaging), Data Transfer, Workflows, Science Gateways and Visualization.

Data Management and I/O optimization

NERSC provides a number of tools and technologies to represent and store data. These include databases and I/O libraries. Read More »

Data Analytics

Tools for Data Analytics including Statistics, Machine Learning, Imaging etc. Read More »

Data Transfer

NERSC provides several tools and technologies to get your data in and out of NERSC Read More »


Workflow Tools

Tools for managing multi-stage scientific workflows that can automate the computational and data processing pipeline at NERSC. Read More »

Science Gateways

Science gateways provide web-based interfaces that allow users to access their data, perform interesting computations, and interact with NERSC resources. Read More »

Data Visualization

Tools to create visualizations from raw scientific data. Read More »

Data Storage Systems and Management Policy

A description of NERSC's data storage systems and data management policy. Read More »