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NERSC NX Service - X-Windows Acceleration at NERSC


NX is a computer program that handles remote X Window System connections and it provides three benefits for NERSC users:

  • SPEED: NX can greatly improve the performance of X Windows, allowing users with slow, high latency connections (e.g. on cell phone network, traveling in Africa) to use complex X Windows programs (such as rotating a plot in Matlab). 
  • SESSION: NX provides sessions that allow a user to disconnect from the session and reconnect to it at a later time while keeping the state of all running applications inside the session.  
  • DESKTOP: NX gives users a virtual desktop that's running at NERSC. You can customize the desktop according to your work requirement.

The NX Service

The new NX uses KDE as the default desktop. KDE provides a friendly and highly customizable user interface. NERSC has made NX available to all active users. If you can log in to a NERSC system you can connect via NX with your NERSC username and password.

Installing NX

Download the NX player here. To configure open the NX player and click on the box in the upper left that says "New". Use "SSH" for protocol, "" for host, "password" for authentication, "Don't use a proxy" for proxy. Alternatively you can download the configuration file here (you'll need to unzip it).

Connecting to NX

You can connect to NX via the NX Client or by pointing your browser at The browser interface is still experimental and can sometimes be slower than connecting via the client. Please let us know by opening a ticket if you encounter any issues with it.

NX Issues?

Check out the NX TroubleShooting page