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Resolved -- Error Message: "ModuleCmd_Switch.c(172):ERROR:152: Module 'PrgEnv-­‐cray' is currently not loaded”

June 28, 2012 by Helen He


User batch jobs with "#PBS -V" in the script are seeing an error message: "ModuleCmd_Switch.c(172):ERROR:152: Module 'PrgEnv-­‐cray' is currently not loaded”.  This is caused by overwriting the default Cray Programming Environment from Cray to PGI.  This message can also be seen with "script" on the login nodes, and "nodestat" on the MOM nodes.  User jobs without "#PBS -V" do not trigger this error message.  Solution: ignore as harmless.


This issue has been resolved by Cray modifying the PrgEnv module load sequences.