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Hopper OS upgrade and new SW set to default next Wed, Feb 27

February 21, 2013 by Helen He

1) There will be a scheduled hardware and software maintenance for Hopper next Wednesday, February 27, from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific time.  This is a major OS upgrade.  Most applications are highly recommended to recompile (or at least relink) after the maintenance.  C++ and PGAS applications are recommended to recompile and relink.  Please plan your work accordingly and check the NERSC Message of the Day (MOTD) for status update:

2) After the maintenance,  the following software versions will be set to default on Hopper:

-- pgi/12.9.0
-- gcc/4.7.2
-- cce/8.1.3
-- intel/
-- chapel/1.6.0
-- cray-mpich2/5.6.0 (xt-mpich2/5.6.0); cray-shmem/5.6.0 (xt-shmem/5.6.0)
-- cray-libsci/12.0.0 (xt-libsci/12.0.0)
-- cray-petsc/3.3.00 (xt-petsc/3.3.00); cray-petsc-complex/3.3.00 (petsc-complex/3.3.00)
-- cray-trilinos/
-- cray-tpsl/1.3.01
-- fftw/
-- cray-netcdf/
-- cray-hdf5/1.8.9; cray-hdf5-parallel/1.8.9
-- parallel-netcdf/1.3.1
-- perftools/6.0.1
-- papi/5.0.1
-- atp/1.6.0
-- stat/
-- java/jdk1.7.0_07
-- xt-asyncpe/5.16

The availability of the above software versions were announced on Dec 19 and Jan 18.

Notice Cray has changed some of the module names from "xt-xxx" to "cray-xxx", for example: xt-libsci is now cray-libsci, and xt-mpich2 is now cray-mpich2.  Also some of the Cray supported modules now have a "cray-" prefix to their module names, for example: netcdf is now cray-netcdf, and petsc is now cray-petsc, etc.