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Data in Hopper II $SCRATCH deleted Jan 4th noon Pacific Time

January 3, 2011 by Katie Antypas

Hopper II Users,

Files in $SCRATCH on Hopper II will be DELETED tomorrow, January 4th, at noon Pacific Time.  Please make sure all important data is backed up.  The login nodes on Hopper II are now available, though the queues are stopped. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to get the most optimal file system configuration.  We had initially planned to do the file system work before the holiday break, but we were unable to complete it, so the upgrade is continuing this week.

See details on how to back up data below.


Katie Antypas
NERSC User Services


Users can back up files to HPSS or to the "global scratch" file system (referenced as $GSCRATCH, which is shared among other systems, such as Carver and Euclid).

To back up to HPSS see this link:

To back up to the new $GSCRATCH system do either of the following from Hopper Phase II:

  delete old unnecessary data
  mkdir old_hopper2_scratch

then either
  cp -r * $GSCRATCH/old_hopper2_scratch/
  mv * $GSCRATCH/old_hopper2_scratch/

If you use mv you will see a lot of warning messages (one per file).  You can ignore them.

If you use the cp command and you have more than a TB of data you may wish to do this copy in smaller chunks.

If you have any questions or need help please contact the consultants at