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Running jobs

Job Launch Overview

Parallel applications can not run on the login nodes. They must be launched onto the compute nodes via the aprun command. Read More »

Interactive Jobs

Interactive jobs may be run on Franklin by requesting resources from the batch system. "qsub -I -V -q interactive -lmppwidth=[num_cores]" is the basic command to request interactive resources. Read More »

Submitting Batch Jobs

Basic batch scripts, torque keywords. Sample scripts for advanced work flows: running multiple jobs, MPMD jobs, job dependencies. Read More »

Queues and Policies

Queue configuration and limits, policies and tips for getting your job through the queue faster. Read More »

Monitoring Jobs

Once a job is submitted it can be monitored, held, deleted and in some cases altered. Read More »

Memory Considerations

Each Franklin compute node has 8 GB (8192 MB) of physical memory, but, not all that memory is available to user programs. A user can change MPI buffer sizes by setting certain MPICH environment variables. Read More »

Using Hybrid MPI/OpenMP

Basic introduction on how to use OpenMP on Franklin. Read More »

Runtime Tuning Options

Optimizations and tuning parameters which can be set at run time to improve the performance of your code. Read More »

Trouble Shooting and Error Messages

Common error messages and solutions. Read More »

Franklin Completed Jobs

See a list of recently completed Franklin jobs. Read More »

Dedicated Time Request

NERSC is testing a new service which will allow users who need access to a large number of nodes to make a reservation for a certain date, time and duration. Read More »

How Usage Is Charged

When a job runs on a NERSC MPP system charges accrue against one of the user's repository allocations. Read More »