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Franklin - Retired 04/30/12


Franklin has been retired 

Franklin was retired from service on April 30, 2012.   Batch processing ended on April 26.   Read More »

Current Status: Retired on April 30, 2012

Updates and Status

Find information on known problems, open issues, and recent announcements. Read More »

Getting Started

How to get running on Franklin for first-time users. Read More »

Franklin Configuration

Franklin is a Cray XT4 with a peak performance of 352 TFlops, 32,288 processor cores, 78 TB of memory, and 436 TB of scratch disk space. Read More »

Programming on Franklin

Find information on how to compile your application, use MPI and OpenMP optimally, and use Cray's scientific libraries. Read More »

Running jobs

Learn how to submit a job to the queues and use the 'aprun' job launch command, monitor your job in the queue and job exit status. Also find information on OpenMP and MPI runtime settings as well as general application tuning options. Read More »

File storage and I/O

The Franklin system has 4 different file systems mounted which provide different levels of disk storage, I/O performance and file permanence. Find information on I/O optimization, disk quotas and purging. Read More »

Software and Tools

The complete list of softwares installed on Franklin. Read More »

Debugging and profiling

Information on how to use debugging and profiling tools on the Hopper system including DDT, Totalview, IPM, and Craypat. Read More »

Cray XT Documentation

Documentation from Cray, Inc. Read More »