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Edison is back to production in the new facility building

January 4, 2016

Edison is back online after about 5 weeks of downtime to move to a new facility building, Wang Hall, at the main Berkeley campus. The following are the changes:

  1. Edison's batch system is now Slurm. All your old job scripts (for Torque/Moab) will not work anymore. Please visit our Running Jobs page to learn how to run job scripts under Slurm.  If you need help with migrating your workflow from Torque/Moab to Slurm, please let us know at consulting at nersc dot gov.
  2. Edison's /scratch3 file system has been upgraded to Grid Raid which requires reformatting the file system. All files on the /scratch3 were deleted as announced. The upgrade on the /scratch1 and /scratch2 were postponed (until further notice), so the files under the /scratch1 and /scratch2 were not purged. However, we do not promise all your files were intact, as the file system went through significant changes due to the move. Please exam your files carefully for any potential corruption, etc. 
  3. The Cray Developer's Toolkit December release (CDT 15.12) was set to default on Edison. See more details at here.