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Edison is scheduled to move to a new facility building on 11/30/2015

October 29, 2015

 Edison is scheduled to be powered off at 7:00 am PST on November 30, 2015, for the move to the new CRT building. We expect Edison to be offline for up to six weeks. Here is a breakdown of the move and how it will impact users:

- At 00:01 PST (midnight) on November 30, 2015, Edison queues will be turned off. Any jobs running at that time will be killed, and all jobs in the queue will be deleted.

- Edison login nodes will be available until 7:00 am PST on November 30, 2015. At that time, the entire system will be powered off, and the scratch filesystems (/scratch1, /scratch2, and /scratch3) will be inaccessible. Please make plans to retrieve your files beforehand, because we will be unable to recover your files after that time.

- During the outage, Edison's scratch filesystems (/scratch1, /scratch2, and /scratch3) will be reformatted, and all data will be removed. Please save your important files to HPSS, your /project directory, or elsewhere. We recommend getting started on this *now*. If you plan to back up many small files to HPSS, be sure to use the htar utility to concatenate those small files into a larger archive.