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Edison CLE 6.0 UP5 upgrade and the old PE removal on 5/30/2018

June 7, 2018

During the scheduled maintenance on 5/30, Edison was upgraded to CLE 6.0 Update 5. This is a compatible upgrade from the previous CLE version, 6.0 Update 4. No recompilations are required. 

Two older CDT's, cdt/16.06 cdt/16.10, were removed on Edison during the maintenance as we have announced at the beginning of the allocation year. Please refer to our software policy page for more information about the programming environment software upgrade policy. Now there are four CDT versions available on the system, they are cdt/17.06, cdt/17.09, cdt/17.12, and cdt/18.03. We encourage users to use the new CDT's available on the system. However, if you need some software packages from the removed CDT's, please do 

module load pe_archive

This will allow you a continuous access to the old CDT software from the archived copy at the /global/common.

In the CDT 18.03 release, the following software versions are made available. 





The CDT 18.03 release note can be found at here

For the complete list of the software in each CDT release, please refer to the link below,