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Carver Email Announcements Archive

Subject Date Author
Reminder: Carver retires and Global Scratch becomes read-only TOMORROW (Wed, Sept 30)2015-09-29 09:10:02Lisa Gerhardt <>
Reminder: Carver retires and Global Scratch becomes read-only TOMORROW (Wed, Sept 30)2015-09-29 07:56:50Yun He <>
Reminder: Global Scratch (all systems) and Carver retirement end of September2015-09-16 15:55:44Yun He <>
Reminder: Global Scratch (all systems) and Carver retirement end of September2015-09-16 13:50:46Yun He <>
Reminder: Global Scratch (all systems) and Carver retirement end of September2015-09-01 09:34:40Yun He <>
Carver software freeze2015-06-24 18:09:28David Turner <>
System Retirements: Carver and Global Scratch2015-05-19 17:17:21David Turner <>
Carver jobs might fail2014-11-12 20:08:21David Turner <>
Carver OS Plans2014-09-16 15:59:44David Turner <>
Carver CHOS default changing to Scientific Linux 6.3 on September 222014-08-27 15:40:36Lisa Gerhardt <>
Carver Status2014-08-19 17:49:47David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance Monday, August 182014-08-15 17:08:59David Turner <>
Major Carver OS Upgrade Coming2014-07-28 17:37:08David Turner <>
System retirement plans: Dirac and Carver2014-06-11 17:20:41David Turner <>
RESCHEDULED: Carver Maintenance2014-03-17 17:19:34David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance Tue Mar 182014-03-11 09:34:55David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance Thursday, June 202013-06-13 11:10:48David Turner <>
Carver Scheduled Maintenance Next Week2013-04-09 16:54:17David Turner <>
Carver Intel and mkl defaults to be upgrade on Thursday, 2/142013-02-07 09:38:04Phillip Stewart <>
python on Hopper and Carver2013-01-28 12:51:29Woo-Sun Yang <>
PGI Compiler upgrade on Carver and Dirac2013-01-09 16:40:22David Turner <>
cmake default on Hopper and Carver to become on Monday, 11/26/122012-11-19 14:26:29Phillip Stewart <>
Carver Update2012-11-06 17:00:25David Turner <>
Status of Carver batch system2012-10-04 19:32:36David Turner <>
PGI Compiler upgrade on Carver, Euclid, and Dirac2012-09-04 16:57:19David Turner <>
Carver batch job failures after yesterday's maintenance2012-08-22 10:48:01Woo-Sun Yang <>
Carver reg_xlmem queue2012-07-25 16:21:32David Turner <>
Carver queue changes2012-07-20 16:36:41David Turner <>
Reminder: Hopper/Carver Info Session this morning @102012-07-09 12:36:48Kirsten Fagnan <>
Reminder: Hopper/Carver Info Session this morning @102012-07-09 09:18:38Kirsten Fagnan <>
Short information session on Hopper and Carver2012-07-06 08:06:42Kirsten Fagnan <>
Quick Carver/Hopper Tutorial2012-07-03 15:44:20Kirsten Fagnan <>
Compiler and MPI Upgrades on Carver, Euclid, and Dirac2012-05-16 14:07:10David Turner <>
Urgent Carver/Dirac Maintenance Next Tuesday2012-04-19 12:52:53David Turner <>
New Mathematica Version on Euclid and Carver2012-04-10 12:32:45David Turner <>
Compiler and MPI Upgrades on Carver and Euclid2012-04-04 16:48:49David Turner <>
Carver: updated batch system2012-03-14 17:45:12David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance Postponed2012-03-05 13:42:42David Turner <>
Carver maintenance Wed Mar 72012-02-29 16:22:57David Turner <>
The Gaussian 09 C01 version is available on Carver and Hopper2012-02-15 10:04:42Zhengji Zhao <>
Carver Emergency Maintenance Next Tuesday2012-02-03 16:30:16David Turner <>
New version of MATLAB on Carver and Euclid2012-01-11 12:13:56David Turner <>
Reminder: Carver/Magellan changes next week2011-11-22 13:33:58David Turner <>
magellan and westmere queues ending soon2011-11-11 13:30:55David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance and Turnaround2011-09-27 10:34:40David Turner <>
Magellan queues end November 30 / new carver serial and westmere queues available2011-09-20 13:20:07Francesca Verdier <>
CARVER/MAGELLAN/DIRAC maintenance Thursday 8/25/112011-08-18 15:12:03Michael Stewart <>
DDT 3.0 available on Franklin, Hopper and Carver2011-05-31 11:33:41Woo-Sun Yang <>
Carver Maintenance Monday, May 22011-04-27 10:14:31David Turner <>
Carver Maintenance This Thursday2011-03-22 09:49:58David Turner <>
Serial queue on Carver/Magellan2011-03-08 09:55:54David Turner <>
turnaround in magellan queue2011-02-25 13:27:22David Turner <>
Magellan batch queues on Carver2011-02-15 17:15:19David Turner <>
Changes to Carver Batch Limits2011-02-11 15:35:05David Turner <>
Magellan batch queues on Carver2011-02-07 16:53:37David Turner <>
G09/b1 is now available on Carver2010-12-17 09:49:14Zhengji Zhao <>
Emergency maintenance on global scratch - Carver, Hopper I, Dirac affected2010-12-10 10:46:04Katie Antypas <>
cmake to be upgraded to 2.8.2 on franklin, carver, and hopper2010-10-26 10:10:10Mike Stewart <>
Update on NERSC systems: Carver, Euclid, Dirac, PDSF available2010-10-23 14:43:12Katie Antypas <>
Carver Emergency Maintenance Tue Oct 122010-10-11 15:59:48David Turner <>
Workload Profiling on Magellan2010-10-06 14:33:16David Skinner <>
Carver Compiler Updates2010-09-20 14:53:09David Turner <>
Carver needs short wall request jobs2010-09-01 07:14:10Francesca Verdier <>
Changes to batch stdout/stderr on Carver2010-08-30 14:31:05David Turner <>
New PGI compilers on Carver2010-08-23 12:36:04David Turner <>
Missing standard output and error files for Carver/Magellan jobs2010-08-13 10:00:18Zhengji Zhao <>
Amber 11 is available on Carver now.2010-08-06 15:15:39Zhengji Zhao <>
Carver has free nodes2010-07-19 07:50:04Francesca Verdier <>
Carver and Magellan can run more jobs2010-06-20 09:17:45Francesca Verdier <>
Carver maintenance tomorrow at 8 AM Pacific - submit jobs with small wall request2010-06-09 16:09:23Francesca Verdier <>
Large-memory nodes on Carver2010-06-03 12:36:11David Turner <>
PGI and OpenMPI upgrade on Carver2010-06-02 16:21:03David Turner <>
very few jobs queued for Carver/Magellan2010-05-05 12:41:46Francesca Verdier <>
Carver changes2010-04-29 18:36:36David Turner <>
Carver down Thu Apr 222010-04-20 08:52:41David Turner <>
Carver usage will be charged starting May 12010-04-15 12:40:51Francesca Verdier <>
PGI 10.3 available on Carver2010-04-06 15:13:52David Turner <>
Request for Carver Performance Feedback2010-04-05 12:20:15David Turner <>
Gaussian available on Carver2010-04-02 16:55:49Dave Turner <>
New queue limits on Carver2010-04-02 10:58:09David Turner <>
Carver Status2010-03-24 17:46:08David Turner <>
Carver performance variation2010-03-22 20:55:36David Turner <>
Carver now available to all NERSC MPP users2010-03-22 20:54:31David Turner <>
Carver queues2010-03-18 22:36:04David Turner <>