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Monitoring Jobs


Please see the man pages of the commands below for more options.  The Job Information page has more information on current queue status, completed jobs, and job summary statistics.

Command Description
qsub batch_script Submit batch script to queue; returns job_id.
qdel job_id Delete job from queue.
qhold job_id Place job on hold in queue.
qrls job_id Release held job.
qalter Change attributes of submitted job.
qmove new_queue job_id Move job to a different queue.
qstat -a List jobs in submission order.
qstat -f job_id Produce detailed report about job.
qs List jobs in priority order.
showq List jobs in priority order, categorized by job state.
showstart job_id Produce estimate of start time for job.
checkjob job_id Produce scheduling diagnostics for job.