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Compute Reservation Request Form

Users can request a scheduled reservation of machine resources if their jobs have special needs that cannot be accommodated through the regular batch system. A reservation brings some portion of the machine to a specific user or project for an agreed upon duration. Typically this is used for interactive debugging at scale or real time processing linked to some experiment or event. It is not intended to be used to guarantee fast throughput for production runs.

For normal batch jobs, charging against a project's allocation is done on a per job basis. For scheduled reservations the entire block of reserved time is charged regardless of the number of nodes used or time spent running jobs. To reserve compute nodes, a request must be sent in with at least 72 hours notice. Cancellation of a reservation must be done with a minimum of 72 hours notice as well.

Please ask for the least amount of resources you need and try to schedule reservations so as to minimize impact on other users. For instance, scheduling a reservation just after a scheduled downtime will reduce idle time while the system waits for the requested nodes to be freed. Also, if you have multiple reservations, it's most efficient to bundle them together in close succession.

Once your reservation request is approved and a reservation is placed on the system, you will need to use the #SBATCH --reservation=<reservation name> directive with your job scripts (or using the --reservation=<reservation name> flag with the salloc or srun command for interactive jobs) to run under the reservation. See Advanced Running Jobs Options page for more instructions to use a reservation.  

All running jobs under a reservation will be terminated when the reservation ends. If you complete the planned computations before the reservation ends, please call NERSC operations at 1-800-666-3772 (or 1-510-486-8600) menu option 1 to cancel the reservation. 

Click here (Compute Reservation Request Form) to submit the request.