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Checking Quotas

Home Directory Quota 

The $HOME directory on PDSF has a quota of 5GB and 50K inodes (the number of inodes corresponds roughly to the number of files and directories in $HOME). If you are over quota, you will see the following message when you login:

You are at or near quota on at least one filesystem.
Please reduce your filesystem utilization before submitting more jobs.
The "myquota" tool will display your quota usage.
For future questions, please contact NERSC Consulting at: or
Unable to run job: Job administratively denied..

Please remove some files and use the myquota command to make sure you are below quota. The above warning message will go away within 12 hours once you reduced your usage to below quota. 

Please Note: Your account might be blocked if you are over quota for more than 24 hours. 


To check your quotas use the myquota command, which by default reports space in GB:

pdsf2> myquota 
Displaying quota usage for user usgatlas:
                  ---------- Space (GB) ---------  --------------- Inode ---------------
FileSystem           Usage      Quota     InDoubt      Usage        Quota        InDoubt
----------------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -----------  -----------  -----------
/home                     2        5GB          0        11253        50000            0

To display in MB instead use the -M option. Use the -g [groupname] option to specify a specific group.  Note that "Usage" plus "InDoubt" is what counts against your quota.


Some file systems use filesets and then you need to use getfsquota and specify both the file system and the fileset:

pdsf2> /usr/common/nsg/bin/getfsquota eliza6 alice
           ------ Space (GB) -------     ----------- Inode -----------
 Fileset    Usage    Quota   InDoubt      Usage      Quota     InDoubt  
--------   -------  -------  -------     -------    -------    -------  
   alice     12863    16384       20     2099640          0      23447
pdsf2> /usr/common/nsg/bin/getfsquota eliza6 star
           ------ Space (GB) -------     ----------- Inode -----------
 Fileset    Usage    Quota   InDoubt      Usage      Quota     InDoubt  
--------   -------  -------  -------     -------    -------    -------  
    star      8712     9216        0      154472          0         25


Note that myquota does not show your quota on /project.  To see the quota for a group on /project use "prjquota [groupname]", e.g.,

pdsf4 65% prjquota alice
           ------ Space (GB) -------     ----------- Inode -----------
 Project    Usage    Quota   InDoubt      Usage      Quota     InDoubt  
--------   -------  -------  -------     -------    -------    -------  
   alice       191     1024        0     1579652    2000000          0