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STAR-Running on Carver

STAR software has been copied from the usual installation on /common on PDSF to /project/projectdirs/star/common.  At this point the installation is simply intended for testing and not all libraries are in place - for now SL10k, SL11b and SL11c are available with root/5.22.00 and a copy of $OPTSTAR and cernlib.

An example of how to setup the STAR software on Carver is in /project/projectdirs/star/starenv.  To use it simply source star_setup.  This should set up your STAR environment to use the libraries described above.


The dbLoadBalancerLocalConfig_LBL.xml file will connect you with a calibrations database ( located at LBNL.  This is used because the PDSF calibrations database is not available on Carver.

Your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is modified to use a local copy of  This is necessary because, while available interactively on Carver, is not available on the Carver batch nodes.