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Interactive (login) Nodes

There are 3 interactive nodes at PDSF, pdsf[6-8], that should be accessed via ssh to  These are the gateways to accessing the rest of PDSF. Users can submit batch jobs as well as view and manipulate their files and directories from the interactive nodes. The configuration of the interactive nodes is shown in the table below.

ProcessorClock Speed (GHz)ArchitectureCoresTotal Memory (GB)Scratch Space (GB)
Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.60 x86_64 16 125 197

Because these nodes are shared by many users anything disruptive you might do affects not only your work but their work, too.  Please take a look at the Best Practices page for guidance about what you should and should not do on the interactive nodes.

If you think you are doing something that might be disruptive (high memory use, intensive cpu use, etc.) then you should consider running an interactive session on a batch node.  See running interactive batch jobs.

Also, long jobs are not an appropriate use of the interactive nodes and may be killed by system administrators.

Limited data transfers through the interactive nodes are fine but any bulk transfers should probably be done through the grid or data transfer nodes.  See Grid and Data Transfer Nodes or contact PDSF staff for advice regarding your workflow.