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Eliza File Systems

Storage at PDSF is organized by group and available to all the nodes in PDSF.

Please note that files on these file systems are not backed up.  It is the responsibility of users to back up their files themselves as necessary. Over the years at PDSF there have been incidents which resulted in a loss of data from disk, often related to aging hardware.

You can display the UGE io units with the command "qconf -se global".

Disk VaultExperimentsSGE io unitsDisk Space (TB)Directories
eliza3 LUX 400 175 lux
eliza5 Cuore, Kamland 400 34 cuore, kamland
eliza6 Alice, RNC, Star 400 34 alice, rnc, star
eliza11 Atlas 300 110 atlas
eliza14 Star 400 34 star
eliza15 Star 400 34 star
eliza16 Dayabay 800 144 dayabay
eliza17 Alice, Star 400 91 alice, rnc, star
eliza18 Atlas 400 350 atlas
Total     1006  

Retired Elizas

A number of elizas have been retired because they are out of warranty. Do not request these resources when you submit a batch job or else your job will never run.

When elizas are retired, they are first unmounted everywhere except on pdsfdtn2 to give users a chance to move any needed data off. Once this process it finished, the eliza will be turned off and parts will be either salvaged or reused as appropriate. If you have any questions about any of this, please email

Disk VaultExperimentsDisk Space (TB)DirectoriesStatus
eliza1 Atlas 35 atlas Read Only
eliza2 Atlas 35 atlas Read Only
eliza3 Star 39 starprod Decommissioned
eliza7 Daya Bay 24 dayabay Retired
eliza8 Alice, RNC 20 alice, rnc Retired
eliza9 Star 39 starprod Decommissioned
eliza10 Kamland, Majorana, SNO 20 kamland
majorana, sno