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STAR users belong to the rhstar NERSC repository and use the gc5 repository in HPSS.  The Principal Investigator (PI) for STAR computing at NERSC is Jeff Porter.

In general STAR users should work in the chos environment sl53.  This means that upon login the star software, including root4star, will be set up for you.  STAR software is not supported under the sl44 and 34sl44 chos environments.

The STAR environment on PDSF uses a file in your home directory called .pdsf_setup.  It controls whether you use the AFS libraries from BNL or the locally built libraries.  The AFS mode is for the most part an historical artifact and users should comment out that line and not comment out the "use_local" line.

The main STAR computing activities at PDSF are running embedding production, running simulations (often by remote grid submission) and analyzing picodst's.

For more details on STAR computing at PDSF see also the PDSF-STAR twiki pages which are maintained by STAR users.