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File Systems

For a general description of the different file systems available on PDSF please see Eliza File Systems and Other File Systems.  Below is a summary of how Daya Bay uses the various systems:


The Daya Bay software, NuWa, is installed under /common/dayabay/releases/NuWa.  There are daily builds of both an optimized and a debug version.

/eliza7, /eliza16

Daya Bay has space on 2 elizas:  6TB on /eliza7 and 35TB on /eliza16.  The space on both is used both for production data as well as for individuals work.  The directories for individuals are located under /eliza7/dayabay and /eliza16/dayabay/users.


Dayabay has a quota of 6TB on /project/projectdirs/dayabay and it is used for miscellaneous purposes as well as hosting some webpages.